Some quotes and reactions


  • Science needs to be sexy
  • Science is a game kids love to be a part of
  • Children are born scientists
  • Science not communicated is science not done – Professor Anne Glover
  • ‘We see technology as a enabler/tool for learning’ @musakeninda
  • ‘Sciences centres shouldn’t give answers but should stimulate questions’ @MrMichaelEllis
  • ‘Involve press, involve all communities. Go to them!’
  • Science centres will become cultural brokers in a changing world where science affects everyone’s life @bio_fluff
  • Great to interview the charming François Englert, winner of 2013 physics Nobel with Peter Higgs @grahamfarmelo
  • “The magic word is not knowledge, but innovation. Science and education should be on innovation and entrepreneurship.” #scws2014
  • “3D technique is standard, but not yet in education.” #scws2014


  • Thank you for hosting the SCWS2014. An inspiring, meticulously organised event – Isabel Fereday
  • The Summit was superbly organised and we were so well looked after. We will live in the memory for a very long time. – Linda Conlon
  • #scws2014 was amazing!
  • 446 participants, 3 astronauts, 2 Nobel laureates, 1 king – #scws2014 was fantastic!
  • I’ve really enjoyed being at a conference where everyone’s opinion is valued, rather than just an elite few #scws2014
  • Final day of a truly excellent summit in Mechelen. Thanks @technopolis
  • You guys are lovely #scws2014
  • Lucky you to be at #scws2014
  • Well #SCWS2014 is winning at conferences.
  • Final day if a truly excellent summit in Mechelen.’ @JohnTLaw1